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Myers Briggs (MBTI) Workshop - Online


Management Development, Personal Effectiveness, Team


Managing Performance


Those who have completed the Management Development Programme for new managers, interested individuals and teams who want to understand how to help members 'to be the best they can be' in order to enhance team working.


3 hours

Delegate rate

Approximately £170 per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.


Participants complete an on-line questionnaire before attending a half-day workshop where they will receive their MBTI profile report. The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss with others the implications of their preferences on different aspects of their life and work such as communication, leadership styles, problems solving, decision making and managing change.

On completion of the programme, participants will be aware of:

  • Their Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profile

  • Individual differences and type so as to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others

  • The significance of preference and type on management issues including communication, leadership, problem solving, decision making and  managing change

  • 'Gifts’, strengths and ‘blind spots’ through looking at individual and group profiles

  • How to manage and value differences so that each member of a team is helped ‘to be the best they can be’ and type differences are used to enhance team working and understanding

Welcome and introduction to MBTI covering:

  • Explanation of the 4 MBTI dimensions/dichotomies
  • Individual initial hypothesis of possible ‘Best Fit Type’
  • Individually review ‘Reported Type’ with personal MBTI Interpretive Reports
  • Arrive at probable ‘Best Fit Type’ (supported by facilitator)
  • Demonstrate how individuals’ personalities influence working styles 


Exploring MBTI Type characteristics in relation to work, decision making, conflict, feedback, time

  • Mapping individual MBTI profiles to create the composite team profile
  • Using the MBTI to communicate messages effectively  
  • Implications of MBTI types within teams and team working
  • Exploring how you can use MBTI 



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