Surrey Learn

We are the Surrey Learn Partnership

The Surrey Learn Partnership consists of a Training/HR representative from each of the district, borough and county councils. Contact us

We work in partnership to bring you the best, most relevant training whilst ensuring excellent value for money.

SLP Annual Review 2022-2023

The Audit Commission define partnership as:

“a joint working arrangement where the partners are otherwise independent bodies; agree to co-operate to achieve a common goal; and to achieve it, create an organisational structure or process and agreed programme, whilst sharing information, risks and rewards.”

(Audit Commission, 2003)

Examples of projects completed by the Surrey Learn Partnership (SLP)

  • Shared training programme
  • Surrey wide Manager Development Programme
  • Development of Surrey Learn website.
  • Advanced coaching programme for senior and junior/middle managers.
  • Mentoring programme.

If you would like further information on the SLP model please contact [email protected]