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NB. Notifications of actions you make on the website are sent to your authority SLP reps and/or the HR team for info.

How do I place myself on a waiting list for a course?

Use the ‘JOIN THE WAITING LIST’ button at the bottom of the individual course page. 

What happens once I'm on a course waiting list?

Once a date has been arranged, you will receive an ‘INVITATION TO BOOK’ email. If you can make the date, please use the link provided within the email to book your place. 

If you CANNOT make the date, you need not respond as you will remain on the waiting list.

What happens once I book a place?

If the course page has a date listed that is convenient for you, click the 'Book This' button. Joining Instructions will then be e-mailed to you. 

Please read all the information within the email and download and print any course documents included. 

How can I check which courses I am waiting for or am already booked on?

Click your name on the top row (once you've logged in) or the link 'Your profile' within 'Menu' on the top right of the page.

How do I remove myself from a waiting list?

Click the 'Cancel' button beside the course name on the 'Your profile' page (which will update automatically/can be updated by you).

How do I cancel my course booking?

Click the 'Cancel' button beside the course name which generates a 'contact form' that you must complete. Then click 'Send' which will auto-send it to the course administrator. They will contact you about your request.

Cancelling your training?

Cancellations within 4 weeks of the event will always be charged the full price (approximately £100/day dependent on delegate numbers) unless your authority sends a replacement.