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Autism Awareness - Online


Communication Skills, Personal Effectiveness


E, D & I Awareness


This course is designed for all staff who may encounter people with Autism Spectrum Condition.


3 hours

Delegate rate

Approximately £50 per day per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.

This workshop is intended to raise staff awareness and understanding of autism spectrum conditions and how they can affect interactions with others.

As a result of attending, participants will be able to:

  • List the different conditions on the autistic spectrum
  • Briefly outline some of the common misconceptions that exist regarding autism
  • List the three components in the ‘triad of impairments’
  • Describe some of the common behavioural signs of autism
  • Outline how ‘context’ can affect understanding of a situation
  • Give examples of issues that can affect those with autism in community settings
  • Outline some simple strategies to improve communication with a person on the autistic spectrum


  • Key definitions relating to autism
  • Basic Facts - The autism ‘myth buster’
  • The autism ‘iceberg’
  • The triad of impairments
  • Signs of autism
  • Autism as ‘context blindness’
  • Issues facing people with autism in the community
  • Communicating with people on the autistic spectrum

The course will be delivered using the following methods:

  • Groupwork
  • Plenary Discussions
  • Quiz
  • Case Studies
  • Video
  • Boardblasts
  • PowerPoint Graphics
  • Practical exercises


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