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Change Management - Online


Management Development


Aimed at operational managers, strategic decision makers and those in a role to support staff in organisations.


3 hours

Delegate rate

Approximately £50 per day per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.

  • be able to fully understand the effect that change has on employees and appreciate why they react in a certain way
  • be able to acknowledge the key steps in implementing any successful change policy at work
  • develop an awareness of the key actions a leader should take to implement change successfully at work
  • develop a realisation of the effect change can have on organisational stress
  • review management competencies via the Indicator Tool

Welcome and Introductions

Session 1: What is Change?

Why do people fear it?

Session 2: Preparing for Change

• The 5 stages of successful Change Management

• Setting the conditions for success

• Painting the vision

• Establishing where we are

• Building the incremental steps

Session 3: What are the Barriers to Change?

• How can we overcome them?

• What are the people skills and problem solving skills required?

Session 4: Managing People

How do we lead and motivate people effectively during times of change which often leads to insecurity and worry – what can be done?

Session 5: Kubler Ross Change Curve

The 5 stages of change

Session 6: Short Film ‘The Ultimate Change Show’

Followed by discussion

Session 7: Building the Change Management Framework

• Dealing with resistance

• Effective Communication

• Personalising the approach

• Promoting the positive

• Minimising the negative

Session 8: Dealing with Change from a Stress Management Point of View

Change is one of the six Health and Safety Executive Management Standards. Analysis of the actions to take to follow the guidelines.

Session 9: Action Session

Delegates commit to the actions they will take going forwards.


25 April 2024 at 10:00

Delivered online. You must attend all the sessions.

Online sessions include usual breaks. Zoom link(s) are auto-sent from [email protected] a few days in advance of delivery. Full instructions and course handouts will also be sent in advance.

Please note you will be expected to use your camera and display your name on all training. If unable to comply, please ensure the trainer understands why and notes your name and authority for recording attendance.

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