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Change Management - Online


Management Development


Aimed at operational managers, strategic decision makers and those in a role to support staff in organisations.


3 hours

Delegate rate

Approximately £50 per day per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.

  • be able to fully understand the effect that change has on employees and appreciate why they react in a certain way
  • be able to acknowledge the key steps in implementing any successful change policy at work
  • develop an awareness of the key actions a leader should take to implement change successfully at work
  • develop a realisation of the effect change can have on organisational stress
  • review management competencies via the Indicator Tool

Welcome and Introductions

Session 1: What is Change?

Why do people fear it?

Session 2: Preparing for Change

• The 5 stages of successful Change Management

• Setting the conditions for success

• Painting the vision

• Establishing where we are

• Building the incremental steps

Session 3: What are the Barriers to Change?

• How can we overcome them?

• What are the people skills and problem solving skills required?

Session 4: Managing People

How do we lead and motivate people effectively during times of change which often leads to insecurity and worry – what can be done?

Session 5: Kubler Ross Change Curve

The 5 stages of change

Session 6: Short Film ‘The Ultimate Change Show’

Followed by discussion

Session 7: Building the Change Management Framework

• Dealing with resistance

• Effective Communication

• Personalising the approach

• Promoting the positive

• Minimising the negative

Session 8: Dealing with Change from a Stress Management Point of View

Change is one of the six Health and Safety Executive Management Standards. Analysis of the actions to take to follow the guidelines.

Session 9: Action Session

Delegates commit to the actions they will take going forwards.


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