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Managing Team Resilience - Online


Management Development, Team


Managing Performance


All people managers, team leaders and supervisors.


1 day on-line session – delivered virtually

Delegate rate

Approximately £100 dependent on number of participants

The content aims to help managers:

  • define ‘resilience’
  • develop a personal plan for greater personal resilience
  • support others to develop a plan for greater personal resilience
  • know how to define stress from pressure
  • know how stress affects them and their colleagues
  • understand where stress comes from
  • identify organisational stressors, including management styles and behaviours
  • establish a range of tools for dealing with the organisational stressors within their areas of responsibility

Session 1: Building Resilience in extraordinary times

  • What is resilience
  • Where does it come from
  • How can we develop it further

Session 2: Where are we at the moment?

  • What are our current levels of stress/pressure?
  • Pinpointing ourselves on the ‘hillside’.

Session 3: The Effect of Change

Filling in the Life Events Scale, followed by tutor input on the effect change has on resilience.

Session 4: Spotting the Signs of Stress

Spotting the signs of stress both physically and behaviourally.

Session 5: Lifestyle

Managing our life style through:

  • balance
  • routine
  • corridors
  • exercise
  • avoiding the wrong food and short term palliatives
  • pursuit of pleasure
  • 3 minute mindfulness exercise
  • grouping practice
  • 7/11 breathing
  • optimism and positivity

Session 6: Organisational Stress

What are its causes and what is manager’s role?

Session 7: Personal and Management Style

A look at where managers lie on the behavioural spectrum as well as the stress prone scale and how the differences with their staff can cause problems at work.

Session 8: The Behaviour Connection

Explaining the link between behaving in a passive manner and suffering more stress and equally behaving in an aggressive manner and being a stress carrier. A look at the importance of Genuine Assertiveness in the battle against stress.

Session 9: Leadership makes the difference

Moving our team to a sense of 'Yes we can' and away from 'No I can't'. What are the key leadership and team points a leader can take to achieve this. Demands Control Support Relationships Role Change

Session 10: The HSE Guidelines

The HSE Management Standards are explained in relation to leadership.

Session 11: Managing Stress in Others

In what way do managers cause or pass on stress to their people and each other? Identification of 'Stress Carriers’

Identifying what actions a leader needs to take to reduce stress in each of the following areas of responsibility: - task e.g. plan, control, have clear objectives - team e.g. counselling, thanking, involving - individual e.g. supporting, coaching, delegating, time management - use of motivational positive language - managing time and planning effectively

Session 12: Action Session

All delegates put together a Resilience action plan based on the course to take forwards.


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