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Mentoring Workshop for Mentees - Online


Communication Skills, Personal Effectiveness


This on-line interactive course is for mentees who are new to mentoring or being mentored. This session is for those who are within a mentoring scheme and will soon be assigned a mentor OR if you are considering being a mentee quite soon, this session would be useful too.


3 hours.

Delegate rate

Approximately £100 per day per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.

The course explores the purpose and benefits of mentoring and the essential behaviours that drive effective mentoring relationships.

  1. Explore the purpose and benefits of mentoring.
  2. Ensure everyone is clear on how it will work, the roles and responsibilities that people need to play.
  3. Explore the key skills and behaviours that will drive effective mentoring relationships.
  4. Clarify next steps and set the scene for getting started.

An effective mentoring programme needs the involvement and commitment of both mentors and mentees. The behaviours which drive a beneficial and fulfilling experience for the mentee will model the qualities that will be critical to the mentee’s development.

  • Understanding what mentoring is and is not
  • The role, responsibilities and characteristics of a mentor and mentee
  • What to expect from both mentor and mentee perspectives
  • Getting the most from your mentor and your mentoring session
  • Action plan




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