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All staff will benefit. People in business and organisations face unparalleled change, uncertainty and complexity. To succeed requires extraordinary mental clarity and emotional resilience.


2 x 2 hours in 1 day (you must attend all sessions).

Delegate rate

Approximately £100 per day per delegate. Charges depend on how many delegates book.

  • Benefits include freedom from the grip of our incessant over thinking
  • Better decisions less stress more clarity and improved communication and collaboration

This day introduces an altogether distinct understanding of personal development. There is a calamitous misunderstanding of where our experience comes from which is virtually impossible to see without the fundamental principles learned in this training.

  • Individual outcomes and context
  • Business case and practical benefits
  • Why psychology has it wrong
  • Introduction to state of mind principles

The day will be very practical with time to allow the mind to quieten and process the application to business and life.



13 September 2022 at 10:00 and 13 September 2022 at 14:00

Delivered online. You must attend all the sessions.

Online sessions include usual breaks. Zoom link(s) are auto-sent from a few days in advance of delivery. Full instructions and course handouts will also be sent in advance.

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