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Strategic Planning and Writing a Strategy - Online


Communication Skills, Management Development, Work Processes


Staff involved in strategic planning and strategy writing.


1 day

Delegate rate

Approximately £100 per delegate. Charges depend on how many book.

You will develop the tools and framework to plan strategically and to implement your strategic objectives.

Delegates will explore key themes of strategic planning, learn how to overcome barriers to success and leave with the confidence to effectively implement the strategic aims of their organisation.

  • Explore key themes of strategic implementation to ensure you are prepared for success
  • Discover the importance of developing an understanding of, and a vision for, the strategy
  • Learn tools for effectively communicating the strategy within all levels of the organisation
  • Consider and prepare for organisational, cultural and structural change

Trainer's Introductions and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Understanding Strategy

  • What is strategy?
  • The relationship between strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Ensuring the best strategic thinking is in place before planning and writing a strategy.

Strategic Planning Tools

    • Horizon scanning and situational analysis  - understanding the environmental context the strategy is operating within and long term changes that will impact on it
    • TOWS Strategic Alternative Matrix – developing a long list of strategic choices at the early stages of strategy development.
    • Appreciative Inquiry – developing strategy based on strengths and times of high performance within the organisation
    • Strategic Capability – looking internally at the organisaion and understanding what the critical success factors are for the strategy

Strategy and Stakeholders

    • Strategy isn’t a paper exercise, but one that needs people to take action.  Therefore, understanding stakeholders and planning how they will be engaged in the strategy is an important part of strategy development
    • Communicating to influence  - the difference between strategic success and failure

Culture and Implementation

    • Strategies are implemented within the culture of the organisation.  Therefore understanding what culture we have, what is needed and how to change it has to be part of strategic planning
    • Writing the strategy – templates and the SOSTAC model
    • Implementation ready – using McKinsey 7S framework to assess readiness for implementation

Trainer’s Closing Remarks and Action Planning


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